The Purpose of This Blog

I often seem to find myself at a loss of things to do, but with a strong desire to create something. Often, I have scratched this itch by writing music, but more and more I am drawn towards writing prose. I love the ideal of one day writing a novel, or a piece of non-fiction, but fear that setting myself this goal from the outset would be a fools errand. So Im starting a bit smaller.

In addition, I am just about to embark on my third year of Maths at Cambridge University. The third year is an interesting one, because for most people it is the year that they graduate. However, for a select few who are very interested in maths, it is their penultimate year – they move on to “Part III”, a Master’s programme in Mathematics that (I am told) is world renowned. I havent yet decided whether I want to embark on Part III yet, but whether I do or I dont, I will have to work hard this year. I am hoping that this blog will provide me with some level of accountability which will spur me on.

It doesnt matter to me very much to me if this blog only has a single reader or a million. I will be pouring my soul into every post either way.

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